Wishing the Moment Would Last Forever

Feliciana Ibarra Enjoying the Sunrise

Wishing the Moment Would Last Forever

Both wishing the moment would last forever but both can’t express it truthfully. Parting ways between childhood friend that met after a long time.

Calpheon City Noble Quarters

Come on! Hurry or we’ll miss it!

One early morning in Calpheon City, the sun is just about to rise to welcome a new day.

There are two figures running by the bridge connecting the Noble Quarters and the Merchant Lane. It’s Feliciana Ibarra and young male Calpheon Noble. They’re on their way to the Holy College.

“Hurry up! Is that what a Calpheon Noble should be?” Feliciana shouted cheerfully as she runs.

“I’m running as fast as I can!” the young Calpheon Noble said, “Can’t you slow down for a bit?”

The young Calpheon Noble is already out of breath, he’s not well accustomed to too many physical activities, hence he spends most of his time indoors reading books.

“Look at you,” Feliciana continued, “you’re too out of shape, you should get out more as I told you countless times!”

“Come on, Feliciana!” the young Calpheon Noble shouted, “we’re not kids anymore, can’t we just walk there?”

“There’s no time!”

Calpheon Holy College

They made their way to the Holy College, the scenery by the garden is beautiful, the Moon Pearls are just about to bloom, and the moonlight shining on their petals is a sight to behold.

The two stopped for a moment and were at awe. For a moment, the young Calpheon Noble can rest. Feliciana, however, isn’t just about to stop yet. She dashed ahead of him.

“What? Feliciana, wait!”

“No rest just yet!”

“Where are we going anyway?” the young Calpheon Noble is out of breath already, “What are we going to see?”

“You’ll see!” Feliciana then points up, “We’re going up!”

The young Calpheon Noble stopped and looked up at to where Feliciana is pointing at, the Holy College Tower. Lord Elion preserve me.

They climbed flights of stairs until they’ve reached the level of the tower with the large statue at the middle.

“Are we there?” the young Calpheon Noble said, “I don’t think I’ll be able to-“

The young Calpheon Noble saw the view where they can see a huge part of Calpheon City. It’s beautiful… it’s-

“Not this one,” Feliciana declared, “we need to go higher!”

“What? We’re already pretty high up.”

“Let’s use this ladder!”


Feliciana quickly used the ladder to climb up, the young Calpheon Noble followed suit.

“I have to remind you,” Feliciana looked down and said cheerfully, “if you look up, I’ll kick you in the face and you’ll fall to your death.”

“I’m not!” the young Calpheon Noble said, “And I wouldn’t dare!”

Feliciana then winked and continued climbing.

They’ve reached the catwalk. Lord Elion! Please save me!

“Feliciana, are you sure this is safe?”

Feliciana looked behind and winked at the young Calpheon Noble.

“Don’t look down now.”

The young Calpheon Noble stuck to the walls as he follows Feliciana. Soon enough, they’ve reached yet another ladder leading to another catwalk. They then proceed on climbing the roof atop the tower to the small platform.

They’re just in time, the sun is rising.

Feliciana approached one of the columns and rest her back there and gazed at the scenery.

The young Calpheon Noble slowly goes near Feliciana, speechless as to what he saw.

“Oh, Lord Elion,” the young Calpheon Noble said,  “such beauty that is just right within my grasp.”

Feliciana Ibarra Smiling

Loving View

They’re both quiet. Feliciana just couldn’t help but smile.

“What?” the young Calpheon Noble said, “is it something I said?”

“No, it’s not that”, Feliciana looked at him, “I’m going to miss this.”

“Why do you have to leave so soon?” the young Calpheon Noble said under breath as he lowered his head. “You could just stay here, you know?”

“What’s wrong?”

“Why do you have to leave just after you got back from the Far East?” the young Calpheon Noble said, “for fifteen years since you’ve left for the Far East. I’ve missed you! I’ve been waiting for you… but…”

“It’s alright,” Feliciana said, “you’ve been a good friend to me. When we were children, you’re always so kind to me.”

No… please…

“And you know what?”

No… don’t say it…

“You’re a good friend for always being there for me and for you to wait for me… and…” Feliciana smiled at him tenderly, “I’ve missed you too when I was at the Far East… and now I’m leaving again to explore what I can, visit new places, and meet new people and…”


“I’ll miss you.”

The young Calpheon Noble looked down. Say it!




Feliciana looked at him curiously.

Come on! You can do it! Say those words!

“I’ll miss you, Feliciana.” The young Calpheon Noble said. “When we were children and I first laid eyes on you. I knew right there that… that…”

Say it!


For the love of Lord Elion, say it!

“I’ll always be here, waiting for you to return… I’ll always welcome you back.”

“Thank you,” Feliciana smiled at him, “you’re truly a good friend and there couldn’t be anyone better.”

Wishing the Moment Would Last Forever

Feliciana Ibarra Overlooking the Scenery. Wishing the moment would last forever.

I couldn’t risk it, I’m fine with what we have now. I fear that if I said something else then our entire friendship would be ruined…

“Do you like the view?” Feliciana asked, “I can still remember when we were kids that we used to come here and watch the sunrise.”

“So you wanted to see this before leaving?”

“Yes,” Feliciana nodded, “I just wanted to spend this time with you one last time in this scenery.”

Feliciana Ibarra by the Holy College Tower

I stood silently behind Feliciana. She gazes at the scenery so passionately that her eyes sparkle with joy and amazement.

I, however, enjoy a different kind of view.

She’s mesmerized by the view, not knowing that there is an even better view, and I am looking at it right now. She is the view.

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