To Grana

Florentino Ibarra at the Bridge Leading To Grana

To Grana

Following the incident near the Old Wisdom Tree, Florentino Ibarra is one stretch away to Grana. His wounds are slowly healing as well after a day’s worth of rest. Once in a while he would stop and rest by the small rocks along the road because the Ahib Griffon’s talons cut a little too deep at his right side, just barely hitting any vital organs.

“I should’ve accepted their offer to rest and be healed a little longer,” Florentino said under breath.

It is what it is.

This part of Kamasylvia is calm, no monsters in sight, and only a few birds flying above. The air is fresh, the air at Iliya Island and Olvia can’t compare to the air at Kamasylvia.

I think I need to be on my way.

Florentino stands up and is on the move again.

A Welcomed Foreigner

Florentino Ibarra at Grana

Florentino arrived at the entrance of Grana, the capital of Kamasylvia, where the holy tree Kamasylve that Goddess Sylvia left behind. To the people of Kamasylvia, it is the source of all life and the medium of nature.

There, Florentino stood, mesmerized by the beauty of Grana. For a half-Elf and half-Human like him who’ve spent all his life in Human civilization, and only knew little of his Elven heritage, it is a sight to behold.

Everyone that saw him bowed, acknowledging and welcoming the foreigner to their beloved city while a shy Florentino Ibarra bowed as well while scratching his head.

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