The Unwanted Tourist

Before the events involving a map, there was a time where Florentino just got what he deserved. In his defence, he was distracted.

Tuir Valley has an altar, called Gayak Altar. There, Yahq is the high priest in charge.

A temporary settlement formed near the altar as the number of visitors increased, and naturally Yahq took charge of that settlement as well. He is becoming more and more grumpy as foreigners, such as mercenaries and adventurers, continue to disrespect the sacred Gayak Altar.

Florentino arrived at Gayak Altar shortly after dealing with a strange Kalk.

The Strange Mustache

The villagers there all looked at Florentino strangely, some see Florentino’s presence a nuisance. One, in particular, looks angrily at him, an old man with a strange moustache.

“Excuse me!” Florentino shouted, “I’d like to ask-“

“Hold your tongue and let me observe and tell who you are,” the old man with a strange moustache said, “oh, you are a foreigner and adventurer.”

“Yes sir,” Florentino then bows, “I am Florentino Ib-“

“How can one be so disrespectful in front of the altar?” the old man with a strange moustache interrupts, “Are all foreigners this ignorant?”

“I beg your-“

“In Duvencrune, you are just another foreigner.”

The old man with a strange moustache said then continues to ramble regarding all foreigners are ignorant.

Florentino, however, just stares at the old man’s strange moustache.

What’s with the moustache? Florentino thought, I mean, look at that, they look like two caterpillars. Don’t get me started with that goatee.

While Florentino is thinking about the old man’s strange moustache, he didn’t realize that he was making a silly face.

“Hey!” The old man with the strange moustache said, “Wipe that silly look off your face.”

“I’m sorry, I was told by Oden to go here so I can go to Duvencrune.”

“I see! It’s been a while since Oden approved of an adventurer… I am called Yahq.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Flo-“

“However, remember that it doesn’t matter to the people of Duvencrune if you are some bigshot elsewhere.”

“I understand, but-“

“In Duvencrune, you are just another foreigner.”

Yahq continues on rambling about the other foreigners. Florentino, however, just stares at Yahq’s strange moustache, not knowing that he’s making a silly face.

Rules to Follow

“Hey!” Yahq shouted, making Florentino return to his senses, “Wipe that silly look off your face.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Now listen carefully while I explain the rules you will have to follow when you’re in Duvencrune! One, be respectful of the sacred altars and don’t damage them. They may look like ordinary rocks piled up together but they have markings indicating that they’re altars!”

Oh, no… Florentino thought.

He recalls hitting some rocks that resemble an altar with his arrows during some fights, but he didn’t know they were altars.

“Two, if you have a chance to meet the chief, mind your manners. Three, do not cause any trouble while you are there. Four, don’t act insensibly.”

Florentino’s eyes went wide open then gives an awkward smile.

Ouch… Florentino thought, that… was on me…

“Five is… it is… oh yeah! Five, follow rules one to four and don’t forget them.”

Florentino nods while still smiling awkwardly.

I have to get out of here before some locals find out I destroyed some of their altars…

“Understood, um, if I may, can you tell me the directions to Duvencrune?”

“If you passed this place and go up, you will come across a bridge, once you crossed it, you will be in Duvencrune.”

Florentino nods.

“So, keep in mind all I have taught you, and don’t get lost!”

Florentino bows to Yahq and went on his way quickly.

“Foreigners,” Yahq said under breath, “always in a hurry.”

“High priest!” A villager exclaims while under breath, “some altars leading here were destroyed!”

“What?!” Yahq shouted then looks to the direction Florentino is heading, but he’s no longer there.

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