The Lonely Shai

The Streets of Duvencrune

A few weeks went by since Florentino arrived at Drieghan and helped Rulupee and the Old Moon Guild with their tourist project, and he also gave a helping hand at the Mercenary Office.

Florentino is on his way to the inn from the Mercenary Office when something occurred to him.

In a recent mission from the Mercenary Office, Florentino’s supply of potions ran out.

Where’s the General Goods Store in this town? Florentino thought as he wanders the streets of Duvencrune, I really should’ve made it as my first priority.

Considering that the last mission almost costs him his life, he really needs to restock.

As Florentino strolls the busy market center of Duvencrune, there he saw the potion stands managed by a Shai that’s currently mixing potions.

The General Goods Vendor

That must be the General Goods Store, he thought.

He then went on his way to the General Goods Store.

While walking, Florentino stepped on a twig.

The Shai is surprised by the sound, making her look and saw Florentino walking towards her.

She didn’t say a word and just looks down and continues with mixing potions.

“Hello,” Florentino said, “I’d like to buy some potions.”

The Shai didn’t say anything and just continues mixing potions.

That’s odd…

He then kneels down.

“I’d like to buy some potions.”

This surprises the Shai and lets go of the potion bottle.

“Oops,” Florentino successfully catches the bottle before hitting the ground. “I’m terribly sorry.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” the Shai said repeatedly. “I didn’t mean to… please don’t hate me…”

“Don’t worry, I don’t hate you and I’m the one at fault,” Florentino then returns the potion bottle, “I shouldn’t have startled you.”

The Shai looks at the content of the potion bottle and realized that it’s done so she sets it aside at the counter.

“You were asking for potions, right?” the Shai hands over Florentino some potions, “There you go.”

“Um… thank you…” Florentino then pays for the potion, “I’ll come back again.”

The Shai just looks down while looking sad as she saw Florentino leaving.

Seiri’s Dilemma

Seiri, the Lonely Shai
Florentino Ibarra and Seiri

The following day, Florentino is on his way to the General Goods Vendor again and buy some potions.

There, he saw the Shai standing in front of her stall while looking down.

Florentino approaches the Shai and kneels, “Hey?”

“What?” The Shai is surprised to see Florentino in front of her, “Um… Hello…”

“I’m sorry about yesterday, I haven’t introduced myself properly. I’m Florentino Ibarra of the Ibarra Family in Calpheon.”

“H-hello… I’m Seiri…”

“Hello, Seiri, may I ask what’s troubling you?”

“Honestly… I have no friends. Nobody plays with me. Did I do something wrong?”

“I don’t know, did you think about it?”

“I think about it every night and I still don’t get it, I want to become friends with the people in town, but I have no idea what to do.”

“Want me to ask around and ask what they think of you?”

“Really?” Seiri said as she smiles for the first time, “You would do that for me?”

“Why not? I’m always glad to be of help to people.”

Seiri looks down but this time she’s smiling.

Asking for Seiri

Florentino started wandering around Duvencrune to ask about Seiri.

Where would I start? Florentino thought as he walks the street, I can’t just ask random people.

Most of the people at Duvencrune’s market either didn’t know who Seiri is, knows her but didn’t have any opinions regarding her, or just didn’t pay much mind to it.

There are three people in particular that caught Florentino’s attention: Kubo, Rinta, and Maopan.

Florentino approached Kubo and asked about Seiri.

“Seiri? That General Goods Vendor kid?” Kubo said, “What do you mean what do I think about her? She’s just a fellow villager. What would be so special about her?”

“Well, It’s just-“

“I’m busy now. Could you please stop bothering me?”

Then Florentino went on his way to Rinta the Storage Keeper, he is currently reading a book, and asks about Seiri.

“Seiri? I haven’t really thought about her.” Rinta said while still reading, “Thinking about things just means I have less time for reading.”

“But then-“

“I’m trying to read now, so can you leave?”

Florentino then approaches Maopan the Food Vendor.

“Seiri? Who is Seiri? Ah, that little girl?” Maopan said, “We don’t really know each other. I don’t have anything interest other than cooking.”

“Well, how-“

“By the way, have you ever traveled to the desert? I’ve heard the people there eat all kinds of amazing food.”

“I haven’t traveled the desert yet…”


And Florentino went his way back to Seiri, who looks depressed.

“Seiri,” Florentino kneels, “I’ve talked to some people and it doesn’t look like they hate you.”

“But they don’t even say hello to me…” Seiri just looks down, “Oh, Florentino, how can I become friends with them?”

Advice for Seiri

“How about you take the initiative?” Florentino said, “I think it’s a great first step.”

“But what if they don’t like me? What if I approach them first, but then they end up avoiding me even more?”

“You have to calm down first, Seiri, just calm down for a second,”

“Oh, I’m sorry, I feel like I was yelling too loud.”

“It’s alright, just think this through first.”

“Alright, I need some time to think about it,” Seiri said as she looks at Florentino with determination, “Can you give me a moment?”

“Understood,” Florentino said and smiles, “I’ll be right back.”

He then makes his way back to the inn.

Along the way, he stops in the middle of the streets.

I think I’ve forgotten something, Florentino thought, Nah, I’ll just remember it tomorrow.

The following day, Florentino is on his way to Sairi to buy some potions.

“Hey! Florentino!” Seiri shouts in the distance, “Buying some potions again?”

“Oh, yes, thank you, I forgot to buy some yesterday.”

“There you go,” Seiri said cheerfully.

It’s a different sight for Florentino, he hasn’t seen Seiri so happy since he first met her.

“So… have you thought it through?”

“Oh, right, Sure, I will try,” Seiri smiles, “It’s not like anything will change if I just stay like this doing nothing.”

“That’s good, take the initiative.”

“I’m terrified by the idea, but I will give it a shot.”

“Don’t worry,” Florentino said as he pats Seiri’s shoulders, “I’ll be here to help you.”

Lack of Courage

Seiri is determined to approach other people first but just thinking about it is too much for her and she is now walking back and forth.

“Oh, no matter how much I think about it,” Seiri said as she continues walking back and forth, “it’s just too hard to strike up a conversation first.”

“Do you want me to help you invite them over?” Florentino said as he follows along Seiri.

“But I’m sure you’re really busy,” Seiri stops walking and looks at Florentino, “I don’t want to impose…”

“Nonsense, I already got what I came for and I’m always glad to help out a bit.”

“Alright,” Seiri said with determination, “can you go out for me and invite the people in town for dinner?”

“Of course,” Florentino said then went on his way, “I’ll be right back.”

Inviting the Guests


Florentino first went to Kubo the Fish Trader.

“Excuse me,” Florentino said to Kubo, “do you have any plans for tonight?”

“Well, I don’t have much planned,”

“How about eating dinner with Seiri? She’s inviting people for dinner.”

“Huh? Why would I have dinner there? Everyone will just eat in complete silence like in the old days. If I eat like that I’ll get an upset stomach for sure.”

“But, you’ll not be going to eat alone-“

“Come to think of it I already have plans for tonight, hahaha, I don’t think I can come.”


Kubo is a no go so Florentino makes his way to Rinta who is currently reading.


“Don’t bother me when I’m reading!” Rinta shouted, “Why are you keep coming back? What is it now?”

“I’m sorry, I just want to ask you if you want to have dinner together at Seiri’s.”

“I’m sorry, I really want to read this book today.”

“What book are you reading?”

“What? you haven’t heard of ‘Story of the Bigmouth’? You really need to read more. This book narrates the story of the infamous bigmouth and…”

“Is it based on a true story?”

“How should I know! I’m reading it out of entertainment Read it if you have a chance.”

“Sure, when I get a chance to-“

“Well, I have to go back to reading, So, please run off now. Anyways… why is it so hard to focus for me these days.”


No luck with Rinta as well so Florentino is now on his way to Maopan.

“Excuse me,” Florentino said to Maopan, “Do you want to have dinner at Seiri’s home?

“What? At Seiri’s?” Maopan exclaimed, “Who are you looking to trouble this time!”

“I’m sorry… if you’re-“

“If you plan on eating at Seiri’s home, think again.” Maopan said angrily, “If you don’t know how to cook, at least be careful! The naïve kids are the ones suffering!”

“I’m terribly sorry, I’ll-“

“I am already too drained… Stop wasting my energy and go away!”

With Seiri

Seiri, the Lonely Shai no more
Florentino Ibarra Inviting Seiri

Florentino is a little devastated because of what happened earlier.

How can I tell this to Seiri… and when she’s trying so hard and made the first move.

There, he saw Seiri happy to see him.

“Florentino! Florentino!” Seiri exclaimed cheerfully, “did you invite them? What did they say?”

Florentino kneels down to Seiri and tries his best to look happy for Seiri.

“Seiri,” Florentino manages to say, “I’m… sorry… Everyone seems to be too busy.”

Seiri looks down to her feet, and Florentino can tell that tears are starting to build up in her eyes.


“I’m fine,” Seiri said as she faces Florentino with a smile and her eyes closed while holding the potion bottle tightly, “I guess it wasn’t the best timing.”

“Seiri… I-“

“You said you were on your way to the inn, right? On your way, Florentino. I have things to do too, so I’ll get going.”

“Seiri… I’m sorry…”

Florentino got up and starts walking away. He can hear Seiri started weeping.

No! I’ll not let this happen! Florentino stops walking and turns around.

“Hey, Seiri! I’m getting a little hungry, I want to eat together with a friend at the inn, will you be that friend?”

The look on Seiri’s face when Florentino says those words, it’s pure happiness, and this made Florentino almost shed a tear.

Seiri sets aside the potion bottle she is holding and runs towards Florentino and hugs him.

“You’re my friend! You’re my friend!” Seiri shouted repeatedly, “Florentino is my friend! I have a friend!”

A Friend is Always by Your Side

Seiri Waving at Florentino Ibarra

Another few weeks went by and Seiri is happier than when Florentino first saw her.

The once gloomy Seiri is now cheerful and filled with life.

Though Seiri still has a hard time interacting with everyone, but with Florentino by her side she manages to pull through.

But good times must come to an end, Florentino received a message from his cousin, Crisostomo Ibarra, regarding the Trina Marine Knights.

“Are you going to take too long to come back?” Seiri said as she looks at Florentino, “will you be coming back?”

“Of course I’ll come back, I don’t know when but this I can promise, I will be back.”

“Okay…” Seiri said as she looks down.

“Why the long face?” Florentino pats Seiri’s head, “You must be strong and always look to the future in a positive way.”

“But… I’ll be alone without you,” Seiri looks at Florentino, her eyes start building tears.

“I may not be here physically, but I’ll always be by your side… in your heart.”

Seiri then hugs Florentino, “I’ll miss you.”

“I’ll miss you too,” Florentino said as he hugs her back, “wherever I go and whatever may happen, I’ll always be your friend.”

A few moments later, Florentino got up his horse and waves goodbye at Seiri.

“Goodbye, Florentino!” Seiri shouted as she waves.


An orphan who lost both her parents at a young age from an attack by a wild wolf. Due to the incident, she became very timid and is often engrossed in doing her own work. Befitting a potion vendor, she is very interested in potions and alchemy. After work, she would place down the necessary tools and practice alchemy. She would be surprised even from the smallest noise that appears when failing at synthesizing, which her peers always make fun of. [src]

Seiri’s Past

A few years ago, Chief of Duvencrune, Durgeff, held a village party to celebrate a good harvest. On this day, when everyone was eating and drinking happily, Seiri quickly ate her fill and went home with her head down. After this incident, those who loved to make gossip started spreading false rumors about how Seiri disliked the villagers. [src]

A few months ago, the children of Duvencrune went to play in the nearby mountains without their elders’ knowledge. Then the children ate all the delicious-looking fruits together in the mountain, which were very poisonous, which led the children to come home with an upset stomach. The children were afraid of getting into trouble for going to the mountain secretly. They ended up telling a lie, saying that they all had food together at Seiri’s house. The adults who heard the children’s stories were furious, complaining and pressuring Seiri, asking her what she had fed the children. However, Seiri couldn’t say anything and the adults returned to their own homes after saying their piece. [src]

Author’s note:

Greetings everyone, I’m Montgomery Ibarra and I would like to take this moment to thank everyone for your wholehearted support.

I would also like to ask everyone who finds this story moving to please go to Duvencrune, the capital of Drieghan, and raise their amity with Seiri, the General Goods Vendor of Duvencrune. She needs a friend. Seiri did nothing wrong!

I mean, seriously, when you talk to her, she’ll say the following:

“Please don’t hate me… I know no one likes me.”

“Even if the Crimson Dragon appears, I don’t really mind.”

“I guess you hate me now too, just like everyone else.”

“Do you hate me too? That’s fine, I’m used to it.”

“Please come by often, maybe… we can be friends…”

Let’s protect this precious cinnamon roll!

Again, thank you, everyone, for your wholehearted support, it really means a lot to me.

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