The Land of Dragons


Drieghan, also known as the land of dragons, is a mountainous landlocked territory. It borders Serendia to the north, Mediah to the northeast, the Snowlands to the east, Ordilita to the southwest, Kamasylvia to the west and Calpheon to the northwest.

It’s said to be a land of high peaks and long valleys with dragons.

Florentino Ibarra by the Dormann Lumber Camp checkpoint

Dormann Lumber Camp Checkpoint

“Look here,” said the adventurer in the middle, “I told you I’m fine! ‘Tis but a scratch!”

“If you have a wound,” said the female guard, “it’s better to avoid Blood Wolf Settlement.”

“Yes,” said the giant guard, “They’ll come running once they smell the blood from the wound.”

“For the last time,” the adventurer said, “It’s just a flesh wound!”

The adventurer then turns to the adventurer wearing white, “Why are they being so strict? Can’t they just let me pass?”

“Dunno, you know better than to go an adventure wounded.”

“Excuse me, pardon me!” Said the demibeast, carrying with him is a bag full of large arrows that looks like spears rather than arrows, “I would like to gain entry!”

“Hey, check him out.” the adventurer wearing white said to the slightly wounded adventurer, “What do you think those are?”

“Aha! Never seen an arrow like this? It can pierce through anything!”

“Be honest,” the adventurer wearing white whispered, “doesn’t he look even more suspicious?”


“Hey!” An adventurer shouted from the back, “What’s taking so long?”

“Sir,” another guard said, “please wait right there.”

“I came to kill a Dragon!” said the adventurer, “Why is it too difficult to get in… you know what? Screw this.”

The adventurer then proceeds to walk past the guards.

“Sir, just please wait, It’s going to be difficult to go that way right now!”

“It doesn’t matter, I am a mercenary! I know what I’m doing.”


What was that all about? Florentino thought. That was weird.

“I know right?” said the female adventurer right behind Florentino.

Florentino looks at the female adventurer.

“Excuse me? Did you just read my mind?”

“What? No, your body language states that you’re in total confusion right now. If I have that kind of power then I wouldn’t be here right now hahaha.”

“Right…” Florentino then turns to the guards, “Excuse me!”

“Yes, sir?” said the female guard.

“I’m Florentino Ibarra of the Ibarra Family,” Florentino bowed, “May I please-“

“Oh, right, we’ve received word that you would be here. You may pass… although you’re not what I was expecting…”

“Then what are you expecting, ma’am?”

“I expected someone more… handsome…”

“Hey! You know what? Never mind, thank you for letting me pass…”

“I’m just kidding,” the female guard laughed, “can’t take a joke?”

“Oh, right, right…” Florentino laughs nervously, “I must get going…”

Florentino then went on his way. Making some stops at some places that caught his eyes.

The Scenery

Florentino Ibarra by the bridge at Dormann Lumber Camp
By the bridge at Dormann Lumber Camp
Florentino Ibarra at Gervish Mountains, Overseeing Dormann Lumber Camp
By the river at Gervish Mountains
Overlooking North of Tshira Ruins
By Hoom Highland Observing an Airship Above Garmoth's Nest
Florentino Ibarra Observing Natives of Drieghan Praying to a Shrine
At the Entrance of Garmoth's Nest
By the Long Bridge linking Hoom Highland and Windy Peak
Observing Natives of Drieghan Praying to a Large Shrine
Florentino Ibarra Talking with Drieghan Natives.

A Conspiracy?

“Ah, greetings adventurer!” the Dwarf said, “Are you here to pay your respects to the founders?”

“Oh, no actually,” Florentino said, “I’m here on a mission.”

“A mission! Here, sit here with us!”

“Alright… pardon the intrusion,” Florentino said as he sits on a large box. “My name’s Florentino of the Ibarra Family from Calpheon.”

“Calpheon, you say? Tell us, does your mission involves diplomatic affairs or is it a mission regarding… let’s say… killing a dragon?”

“None of that, sir. Well… I think it’s close to diplomatic affairs…”

“Aha! Interesting, will it means an alliance to… let’s say… kill a dragon?”

“I’m sorry, sir, but nothing like that.”


More Tourists to Come

“Come now, friend,” said the Demibeast, “not everything in life has to involve intrigues and… dragons…”

“He’s right you know,” said the human by the far left. “You’re making the foreigner uncomfortable.”

“I beg your pardon, sirs,” Florentino said, “It’s alright. I’m here on a mission, rather as my punishment, to scout Drieghan for the best spots in the Territory for the Old Moon Guild.”

“Aha!” Exclaimed the Dwarf, “I knew it involves intrigue! What does your guild want with those locations? Scouting for weak points?”

“My friend!” Exclaimed the Demibeast.

“It’s alright,” Florentino raised his hand to state all is fine, “I’m not part of the Old Moon Guild, they only employed me to find some beautiful locations at Drieghan for them to make those as tourist destinations.”

“So, we’ll be expecting more foreigners?” said the human by the far left. “More tourists means more money for our local merchants… I like it!”

“That’s what I was told anyway, sirs.”

Pay Our Respects

“Well then!” the Dwarf said. “Let’s pay our respects to the founders for good luck!”

“Wait, my friend,” said the Demibeast, “it’s not our turn yet.”

“What? Why is it so hard to pay our respects to the founders…”

“Be patient, it will be our turn soon.”

“I agree,” said the human, “Relax, my friend. Things tend to be difficult if you are wound up all the time.”

“Might I ask, kind sirs,” Florentino said, “What is the most beautiful place near hear that you could think of?”

“Apart from the shrine here?” the Dwarf said, “I’d say definitely atop of Sherekhan Necropolis.”

The Dwarf pointed at the direction going East going along the bridge that connects to Windy Peaks.

Florentino bowed and said his farewell to the trio and went on his way.

The Scenery

By Windy Peak
Florentino Ibarra Seeing the Large Shrine of Sherekhan Necropolis
Approaching the Large Shrine at Sherekhan Necropolis
Florentino Ibarra and Rulupee Overlooking Sherekhan Necropolis

By Sherekhan Necropolis

At the top of Sherekhan Necropolis is a large shrine, there you can see the whole plains of Sherekhan Necropolis.

“Alright,” Florentino said as he plants the flag that Rulupee gave him, “I think this is a nice spot like Mr. Dwarf said.”

Florentino brought out a signal flare that he brought from his Storage Unit in Velia and fired straight up. It made a loud sound and the people by the shrine are shocked and got angry at him.


“Foreigners,” the people by the shrine all said, “No respect whatsoever to other people’s culture.”

A few hours have passed since he fired the signal flare.

By the distance, a carriage is approaching the shrine, it’s Rulupee.

“Florentino!” Rulupee shouted cheerfully as she waves at Florentino by the distance. “I’m almost there!”

Rulupee made a hard stop by the foot of the shrine and quickly ran up the stairs to Florentino.

“Florentino! Florentino!” Rulupee continued, “I made it!”

These foreigners are too loud! The people by the shrine thought.

“Yes, yes,” Florentino said, “you’re here, now look over there.”

“Over where?” Rulupee turns around and saw the view Florentino mentioned. “Wow! Look at this view! We’re up so high!”

“Right? I knew you would like it. This is Sherekhan Necropolis.”

“Sherekhan Necropolis… being here makes me wonder what kind of people the Sherekhans were…”

“I want to know too, but that’s for another-“

“-Oh and look here! The view from the side is also amazing! I should bring my friends up here too!”

“Let’s not be hasty. Let’s get back to business, shall we?”

“Right,” Rulupee nodded and finally calms down.

The Scenery

By the Large Shrine at Sherekhan Necropolis
Overlooking the Duvencrune at Sherekhan Necropolis
The Entrance of Night Crow Ruins
Trekking by Nigh Crow Hill
Florentino Ibarra Near the Top of Night Crow Hill
Atop of Night Crow Hill with Florentino Ibarra and Rulupee

By Night Crow Hill

I saw this place while I was atop of Sherekhan Necropolis. Florentino thought. I think this is a good spot.

Florentino then plants the flag that Rulupee gave him and fired another flare, atop of Night Crow Hill is partially deserted so there aren’t any people getting started by the loud bang.

A few moments later, Rulupee arrives almost out of breath.

“This! Hill! Is! Too! Hard! To! Climb!” Rulupee shouted as she catches her breath. “I should’ve brought a horse…”

“Can you ride a horse?” Florentino asked sarcastically.

“Of course not! Then a pony!”

“Alright, alright, look at this here view.”

“It’s kind of creepy up here… but the view is awesome! You can see all the way down the mountain from here.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I’m so happy that I got to be here with you!” Rulupee then hugs Florentino, startling him.

“Woah there.”

“Hey Florentino, we’re friends, right?”

“Of course we are.”

“Yay!” Rulupee said as she hugs Florentino again, tightly this time.

Florentino Ibarra at the Entrance of Duvencrune


Florentino finally arrives at the entrance of Duvencrune, the capital of Drieghan. Everyone is all wearing thick robes with intricate embroidery, and the buildings are all made of stones.

Everyone is all minding their own business, not paying too much attention to Florentino.

“Greetings, young man,” the old lady said, “It’s the first time seeing you. Is it your first time here at Duvencrune?”

“Hello, madam,” Florentino bowed, “I’m Florentino Ibarra of the Ibarra Family from Calpheon, and yes, it’s my first time in Drieghan actually.”

“A foreigner!” the old lady’s eyes are sparkling, “then you must visit the Kiernak Falls atop of Duvencrune Mountain, the lake there is beautiful.”

“A lake atop of Duvencrune Mountain?” Florentino raises his right eyebrow, “please, madam, tell me about this lake. I’m sent by the Old Moon Guild to scout for beautiful spots at Drieghan for them to attract more visitors.”

“Oh, I’d love to,” the old lady is filled with joy. “You see those stairs? That’s the path leading to the top of Duvencrune Mountain. When you get to the top, you’ll be at Kiernak Falls.”

“Thank you, madam.” Florentino bowed and went on his way.

Florentino Ibarra and Rulupee at Kiernak Falls Atop of Duvencrune Mountain

By Duvencrune Mountain

Florentino finally arrived at the top of Duvencrune Mountain, and as the old lady said earlier, there’s a beautiful lake there.

Florentino then proceeds on planting the flag that Rulupee gave him and brought out the signal flare.

Before firing, he looks around to see if there are people nearby.

When the coast is clear, Florentino shoots the flare above him.

After a few minutes, Rulupee is seen waving at Florentino by the distance while riding a yak.

“Florentino!” Rulupee shouted, “Look! A yak! Isn’t it cute? I want to keep it.”

“That’s not for me to say, and where did you get a yak anyway?”

“Err… I borrowed it from… someone…”

“Then you must return it before you get in trouble.”

“Fine! Party pooper.”

“Anyways, look at here?”

“Where… oh wow!” Rulupee’s eyes are sparkling, “What a beautiful lake! The water is so clean, I could use it as a mirror!”

“I’m glad that you like it,” Florentino sits down on a nearby barrel, “Anyways, I think that covers-“

“I bet there are lots of rare and delicious fish living here, I want to bring a rowboat here and enjoy the lake at my leisure, I wonder if I can get a rowboat up here though…”

“I think that’s out of the question, we can’t have the tourist attractions to get ruined over time, we have to preserve it.”

“You’re right!”

Florentino Ibarra and Rulupee at the Mercenary's Canteen at Duvencrune

Reunion by the Mercenary Office

A few weeks have passed since Florentino helped Rulupee and the Old Moon Guild with their tourist project, more and more adventurers, mercenaries, and tourists arrived at Drieghan as time goes by, during that time, Florentino stayed at the Inn at Duvencrune and went on various missions with some mercenaries. He even had a few interactions with the women at Duvencrune.

One day, Florentino had a letter brought to him by one of the members of the Old Moon Guild, it states that Rulupee is looking for him and would like to meet at the Mercenary’s Canteen at Duvencrune.

At the Mercenary’s Canteen, a lot of people are eating there and planning for their next missions. Florentino, however, is having a hard time locating Rulupee.

Where is that Shai?

“Florentino!” someone shouted, “over here!”

He turns around and saw a female Shai standing at the table, waving at him. He didn’t recognize who she is.

“Florentino!” The female Shai shouted again, “Don’t you recognize me?”

Florentino approached the female Shai and upon closer inspection, that Shai is actually Rulupee.

“Rulupee? I didn’t recognize you. I’m sorry.”

“I am wearing some new clothes and dyed my hair! Hehe… how do I look? Do I look like someone from Duvencrune?”

“Actually, yes,” Florentino nodded, “I actually thought you’re someone else.”

“I’m a master of disguise!”

“Yes, yes, you’ve fooled me.”

At Your Service

“Anyways,” Rulupee said as she sits at the table. “The reputation of my Guild has improved thanks to you!”

“That’s great!” Florentino said and claps to acknowledge Rulupee’s hard work. “What’s the next step?”

“The next step is… paying for your contribution!” Rulupee said as she brought out two bags of coins. “Here, this is the Reward I promised. I split it 3:2.”

“Who’s getting the bigger portion?” Florentino raises his right eyebrow.

“You, of course!” Rulupee said happily as she gave Florentino the bag of coins, “You’re my dear friend!”

“Oh, wow, thank you.”

“I look forward to working with you again!! I’m lucky to have such good friends like you!”

An Honest Mistake

Florentino looks inside the bag of coins and saw that the portion of coins inside is so small.

“Err… Rulupee?”


“Why is my share so small?”

“Uh… why is my own pouch so full?” Rulupee said when she opened the bag of coins. “Well… because.. Ha… Hahaha…!! Mm… “

Florentino looked at Rulupee suspiciously.

“It’s…!! Y… Yan said… that is… Hey, look! Over there! Isn’t that Garmoth flying?”

Florentino smiled.

“Ah… right! Well, I was drinking last night… and must have miscalculated.” Rulupee said as she exchanged bags of coin with Florentino, “Here, here, this is your share.”

“I think you’re trying to trick me.”

“What?” Rulupee said as she laughs nervously. “No, it was really an honest mistake! Don’t be angry, okay?”

“I’m not,” Florentino laughed, “I’m just kidding, I’m not mad at you or anything, I had fun working with you. This might be a punishment of sort from Crisostomo but I enjoyed this punishment because I get to work with you.”

“That’s good to hear.” Rulupee said as she extends her hand to Florentino, “I hope to work with you again in the future!”

“Yes,” Florentino shake hands with Rulupee, “I’m looking forward with working with you again.”

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