The Cat and the Quill / When You’re Late for Mass

Florentino Ibarra and a Shai hiding from Eil the Priest at Heidel City's Church of Elion after an incident with a cat

A Curious Cat

Just when you thought a cat can’t get one into trouble. This part of the story centres on how a cat made our protagonist risk his life.

Yet another beautiful morning at Heidel. The busy streets filled with adventurers and townsfolk alike. We can see Florentino Ibarra walking along the streets near the Golden Toad Inn. “Florentino!” someone shouted, making him look around. He saw Constante, the owner of the Golden Toad Inn waving at him.

“Florentino!” Constante shouted again, “Care for some High-Quality Wine? There’s a fresh shipment that just arrived from Calpheon City.”

“Good morning, Constante! Not today, my friend. I needed to be sober to where I’m going.”

“Pray tell, friend, where are you going?”

“Kamasylvia,” Florentino said with a grin. “I’m meeting a friend there.”

“Oh, well that’s good to hear,” Constante pointed his quill at Florentino, “drop by when you get back here and we’ll get a drink next-“

A white cat suddenly appeared and took the pen from Constante’s hand.

“What the… stop!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get that for you.” Florentino then ran after the cat.

“I appreciate the help, Florentino, there’s a bottle of High-Quality Wine with your name on it when you get back… TOP SHELF!”

Florentino chased the white cat, dodging around the group of people on the streets and toppling down plant pots and bottles scattered all around. Excuse me, excuse me! coming through!

The cat above the Church of Elion

The white cat made a left turn, the path leading to the Church of Elion. It then climbed to the top of the church.

The Church of Elion at Heidel City was run by Eil the Priest, who is currently leading a sermon of the morning mass.

Florentino sighed, “Great… if only brother Jacinto were here he would just jump his way up there… or better yet, he’ll use his Ninja skills to get that quill and that cat while it looks like he’s just standing still.”

Florentino began climbing. There were a few instances where he almost slipped and lost his grip but he eventually made it to the roof. Calmly as he goes, he carefully walked towards the white cat that is now sleeping with the quill stuck underneath its paws.

“Here kitty, kitty, I’m not going to hurt you… just please stay asleep and I’ll just get this quill that you… commandeered… there we go…”

The cat woke up shortly after and started flailing at Florentino, making him lose his balance. He started sliding off of the roof. No, no, no!

Florentino then tries to grab a hold of something, anything, that would help him stop sliding. There’s nothing.

Last chance, he brought out his dagger and stabbed the roof.

Florentino’s last-minute attempt succeeded, he’s now hanging at the roof, two stories above the ground. He looked down and saw a Shai hiding by the side entrance of the church peeking inside, she looks terrified.

Late for Mass

Florentino let go of the roof and fell just behind the Shai.

“Oh!” the Shai exclaimed, “you scared me. I thought you’re the assistant priest.”

“Why? what’s wrong?”

“I’m late again… Priest Eil is going to kill me… Would you join me going inside?”

Priest Eil suddenly looks at the direction where Florentino and the Shai was. The two then hide at opposite sides behind the side entrance.

Author’s Note:

Greetings, I am Montgomery Ibarra and welcome to this mini-series I’m working on as a hobby. I love writing and I love playing Black Desert Online.

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