Olvian Sunset

Olvian Sunset

Olvian Sunset

I couldn’t imagine myself living in a world without something like this, the Olvian Sunset.

I’ve traveled to many places but nothing can compare to something like this.

Olvia, sweet Olvia, this town so peaceful and the people so kind-hearted and cheerful.

Of course, I can’t possibly turn my back to the place of my birth, Calpheon, but this… this is something else.

Olvia will always have a special place in my heart.

As I climb one of the houses at Olvia to sit by the roof, the people beneath are all going home to finally rest after a hard day of work.

I kneel by the roof and look around Olvia to see such cheerful people, all kind to each other.

The cool breeze of the sea touches my cheeks.

I breathe in that cool breeze and it’s as if my entire body and soul is being rejuvenated.

I gaze into the sunset, indeed, it’s such a breathtaking sight to behold.

It’s like forgotten magic hiding in plain sight, we cannot begin to understand how something like this can exist.

Even the great philosophers of old couldn’t even fathom the very essence of something this beautiful.

What more can a common man be able to fathom such questions?

Indeed, the sunset in Olvia is like no other.

Florentino Ibarra

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