How to Create A Final Fantasy XIV Account in the Philippines

Many people are playing Final Fantasy XIV in the past few days. It’s getting even more so because of the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Festival 2021.

I’ve started playing Final Fantasy XIV a few months ago after playing Black Desert Online SEA for almost 3 years, and I have to say, I am not going back.

One of the reasons why I left BDO for FFXIV is because of how chill the game is. The grinding in BDO is hell, it’s as if you have a wife, kids, mistresses, and the stress of work all coming together in one package. It’s degrading after some time has passed.

But, let’s get back to the topic at hand.

Creating a Final Fantasy XIV Account

Unlike most games, Final Fantasy XIV didn’t have the Philippines listed on the list of countries. But it’s alright, you can still create an account in the Philippines, but we need to do some… workaround.

Note: No VPN is required.

First, you need your mobile web browser. Make sure your phone is not connected to your Wi-Fi, only use mobile data.

On your mobile web browser, visit the Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial page and fill up the registration form. Make sure that you set the country to “United States” or whatever you like, but we’ll use “United States.”

The email you use is important. Make sure that the email hasn’t been flagged by Square Enix. If it is, either create a new email or use a spare email. You can change emails later (after a week if possible).

If everything is set up correctly, congratulations, you finally have a Final Fantasy XIV account.

Choosing a Data Center will determine which servers you can create characters to play or guest on. So if you’re planning to play Final Fantasy XIV with your friends, make sure you coordinate on choosing your Data Center and World. I suggest you try and take advantage of any “Preferred World” bonuses that might be in effect.

Because you’re playing in the Philippines, you’d want to play in the Japan-based Data Centers to take advantage of its relative proximity to the Philippines (e.g. less lag).

Game Client Download

Generally, once you’ve successfully registered for an account, Square Enix would email you with the confirmation along with the download link for the game client.

Here’s the link for the game client, if ever, but you still need an account to download the game itself.

Play FINAL FANTASY XIV for free | Square Enix

Free Trial Account

Final Fantasy XIV Free Trial is that, a free trial. But contrary to its name, in this free trial, you can basically play the whole Core Base Game, “A Realm Reborn” and the first Expansion, “Heavensward” but with a level cap of level 60.

Note: This is a level cap per job class. You can play using a Free Trial account indefinitely, even if you’ve reached the level cap to all individual classes.

Some limitations with the Free Trial account is mostly related to social features. You cannot create a party, but you can join one if invited. You can also match make with others in dungeons using the Duty Finder.

Guilds are an important part of any MMORPG, sadly in Final Fantasy XIV, you cannot create or join a “Free Company” (FFXIV equivalent of a “Guild”) if you’re still on a Free Trial. Although, you can join a (Cross-World) Link Shell. Think of it as a messenger group. Players from different guilds (and worlds) can join the Link Shell. Imagine it like the Debauchery Tea Party from Log Horizon.

You cannot buy or sell in the player-driven market board.

And you cannot recruit or dispatch Retainers (The game’s equivalent of a “Bank” system).

Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV Support Center (

Upgrading Account

If you ever decide you want to buy the full game, don’t worry, you can still keep your free trial account and progress. But that would require a house address. Some people would just get a random US Pizza Hut address, but others, like me, would use my relatives living in the US’s address.

You can even buy the game from the Square Enix store and just hold on to the key and just apply it only when you’re ready to upgrade. This makes sure that it’s possible for you to take advantage of a sale and also taking advantage of your free trial account.

The free trial “ends” as soon as you pay any amount of money to Square Enix. This includes buying and activating any of the full game upgrades, any items from the Mog Station, the “Crysta” premium currency, etc.

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