Golden Scrambled Egg? / Meet Sylvia

Florentino Ibarra and Sylvia and a Flondor Golden Goose Egg

In Search for the Golden Egg

At a mountain west of Florin, Florentino Ibarra is assigned by Valentine, the Chief of Florin, to bring back a Mystical Golden Egg laid by Flondor, the King of Geese, if he ever finds one.

Florentino is accompanied by Sylvia, the fairy of the Ibarra family.

“I’m tired!” Cried Sylvia, “Are we there yet?”

“Didn’t I told you to don’t force yourself?” Florentino said as he struggles climbing, “Why don’t you just rest on my shoulder?”

“Delighted to! You’re a kind gentleman, Florentino, as always.”

“I have a feeling that you just don’t want to fly your way up.”

“You’re not wrong there,” Sylvia winked at Florentino, “come to think of it, aren’t you tired as well?”

“Me? Nah. It is my duty to aid milady.”

“And that’s why I chose to go on an adventure with you today,” Sylvia embraces Florentino by the cheek, “treating me like a queen.”

“Like family, you mean.”

“Nope,” Sylvia lets go of Florentino, “like a queen.”

“Of course,” Florentino sighs, “if it’s what milady wants.”


Flondor Golden Geese

Florentino continued climbing up the mountain, he almost lost his grip at some points along the way but he managed to pull through.

Sylvia is resting atop of Florentino’s head, sleeping peacefully as if she’s just at the Ibarra Family house back at Calpheon.

After a while, Florentino started hearing geese quacking. What the… I thought geese have a different habitat…

Sylvia started waking up because of the noise.

She rubs her eyes, “What’s with all the noise!? Can’t you people see that I’m-“

Sylvia stopped mid-sentence when she saw the unusual geese with a small crown atop their heads as they wobble and quack.

Florentino is no different, he is also shocked with what he is seeing.

Sylvia is the first to break the silence. “-well this is new… Weird… geese…”

“You don’t know about these?” Florentino looked up while maintaining his head still to not make Sylvia fall off his head. “I thought you would know about this… being a Fairy and all that…”

“And I thought you would know about the Elves, being an Elf and all that… but here we are… I’m just a young Fairy with little knowledge as to how the world works.”

“Half-Elf! And… fair point…”

“Let’s go find the golden marbles!”

“Eggs, Sylvia. We’re tasked to find golden eggs.”

“Eggs, marbles, whatever. Let’s get them~!”

Finding the Golden Egg

Sylvia started flying around looking for the golden eggs and Florentino followed suit.

“What are golden eggs supposed to look like?” Sylvia scratched her head.

“Like eggs… only gold… perhaps?”

“Thank you for that input.” Sylvia clapped slowly. “That is very informative.”

Then in the distance, there’s a shiny object.

“What’s that?!” Sylvia flew at the direction of the shiny object.

“Sylvia wait!”

“Over here!” Sylvia is waiving at Florentino from the distance.

Florentino dashed his way to Sylvia.

“Is this it? Is this the golden egg?”

Florentino kneeled to get a closer look.

It really is a Flondor Golden Goose Egg, shining brightly as it reflects the sunlight. It is larger than the common goose egg.

“Well, will you look at that…” Florentino said, “It’s… beautiful… it’s-“

“Let’s make a scrambled egg with this one!”

“What the… is it even edible?”

“Want to find out?”

Florentino took a moment to think. “Let’s find more first, we’ll give Valentine one and we’ll take home the other one.”


Sylvia, the Ibarra Family Fairy

Meet Sylvia, the Ibarra Family Fairy.

She’s a playful and (sometimes) mischievous fairy with Glimmering Fairy Wings.

Fairy Queen Theiah asked Florentino for help when there was an incident in Kamasylve Temple at Mediah, Fairy Petals started floating out of the Unstable Crevices which are now scattered all over the world, it contains the aura of a Fairy.

Upon gathering the Fairy Petals and brought to Fairy Queen Theiah, Florentino was given the Sealed Fairy Wings, she said that if he added his own power, the wings will become unsealed and a Fairy will be formed.

Then comes the newly resurrected Fairy.

Florentino named her Sylvia.

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