Getting Lost in the Land of Dragons

A Horse Needs to Rest too

During the events of Florentino’s time on finding some beautiful spots at Drieghan for Rulupee and the Old Moon Guild.

There was a time when Florentino got a little sidetracked.

Florentino is in the middle of Hoom Highland where he saw a band of merchants resting at the side of the road.

“Why are you resting here?” said the Giant, “Duvencrune is right around the corner.”

“Yeah!” said the Shai, “Why are you resting? Even I’m still full of energy.”

“Don’t worry,” said one of the mercenaries, “We’re just catching our breaths and letting the horse rest, poor old Betsy has been hauling heavy-“

“So you’re telling me it’s my fault?” exclaimed the Shai, “I’m too heavy?”

“What? No!”

“Then it’s my fault?” Said the Giant. “I know I’ve gained weight after the festival in the village but I’ve been working out!”

“Oh, no, no,” said the Mercenary, “Betsy here is just too old and couldn’t haul heavy things too frequently.”

“So it is my fault!” The Giant and the Shai said in unison.

The two started arguing with the mercenary.

Getting Lost

The mercenary then turns to the adventurer holding the map.

“Hey,” the mercenary whispered, “have you figured out where we are now?”

“Still don’t,” the adventurer whispered as he reads the map. “They said we’re almost at Duvencrune but the map says we’re getting near Sherekhan Necropolis…”

“That’s not good… are they trying to fool us?”

“Really? But they look harmless…”

“Don’t let the book’s cover fool you.”

Meanwhile, a lost Florentino saw them and walks near them to ask directions.

“Excuse me!” Florentino shouted, “can anyone please help me?”

“Hi,” the adventurer said, “how may I help you? I’m sorry about my colleagues, they’re… arguing as to who gained weight.”

“I see you have a map with you,” Florentino pointed at the map that the adventurer is holding, “Do you know the directions to Sherekhan Necropolis?”

“Yes, of course! I have a map here so of course, I know where Sherekhan Necropolis is.”

The two went silent as they stare at each other for a few minutes.

“Do you… think you could… tell me where it is…?”


They just stared at each other again for a few minutes.

“Well then tell me then, right?!” Florentino shouted while smiling.

“Okay,” the adventurer readies himself and uses his hands to show which direction, “You go straight, then left, then right.”

I have no reason to doubt this guy, Florentino thought, he has the map… go straight, then left, then right.

So Florentino started walking to where the adventure pointed him to. He goes straight, he goes left, and he goes right towards a large open cave with pointy rocks that points upward, it’s Garmoth’s Nest.

Florentino Ibarra at Garmoth's Nest

Garmoth’s Nest

This doesn’t look like a Necropolis, Florentino thought.

Then an old man carrying a long stick suddenly appeared behind him.

“Who dares ye who enters Garmoth’s Nest!” the Old Man shouted, this made Florentino flinch.

“Woah! Who are you, Old Man?”

“Who dares ye?!”

“No who are you?”

“No, who dares ye?!”

“Oh, for the love of,” Florentino sighs as he rubs his eyes in frustration, “I’m Florentino Ibarra of the Ibarra Family in-“

“Ye are a brave soul to ever entered Garmoth’s Nest!” the Old Man starts waving the long stick he’s holding, “What made ye cometh this way?”

“Um, no. I’m lost and some guy gave me the wrong directions, apparently.”

“Oh… you aren’t here for Garmoth?” the Old Man suddenly breaks character. “I’m sorry about earlier.”

“Um… no? I’m actually trying to get to Sherekhan Necropolis…”

“Oh, you thought this is Sherekhan Necropolis?”

“Well… yes… but apparently this is not Sherekhan Necropolis, that’s why I’m asking.”

“Do you think maybe they changed the layout of the place?”

“I don’t know what I think, that’s why I’m asking you.”

“Why would you think that this is Sherekhan Necropolis?” the Old Man said with a grin on his face.

“Because some guy that holds a map told me that this is the way to Sherekhan Necropolis.”

Asking for New Directions

“Maybe he lied,” the Old Man raises his eyebrows.

“Who the hell lies about directions when they have a map?”

“Apparently, that guy…”

“Well do you know which directions lead to Sherekhan Necropolis?”

“Of course!” the Old Man said proudly, “I’ve been living in this place for years!”

“I’ll ask again… do you know where it is?”

“I have a map!” the Old Man brought out a map from god knows where.

“So did that guy!” Florentino then tries to calm down. “Can you tell me where it is?”


“Where the hell is it?!”

“Okay,” the Old Man readies himself and uses his hands to show which direction, “You have to go back. Then go straight, then left, then right.”

“No, no, no,” Florentino said as he waves his hand to the old man. “That’s how I ended up here. Those are the same directions…”

“Well, that’s where it is.”

“Are you sure?”

“Why would I lie?”

“Why would that guy lie?!”

“That’s his problem.”

“Okay,” Florentino gave up on the Old Man, “Thank you.”

Florentino Ibarra and Some Travellers.

The Correct Path…?

Florentino made his way back to the travelers.

The Giant and the Shai are still arguing with the mercenary and the adventurer holding the map is still looking at the map.

“Hey,” Florentino said to the adventurer, “that was not Sherekhan Necropolis…”

“What?” the adventurer looks surprised, “It was just there one hour ago… they moved it?”

“How in god knows what can you move an entire Necropolis!? There was an old man where you pointed me to, he said it’s the wrong direction.”


“Yes,” Florentino then pointed where the old man told him, “he said it’s that direction.”

“Oh, right, right,” the adventurer nodded, “I’m sorry, he’s correct, yes, go straight, then left, then right.”

“Alright,” Florentino raises his hands, “It’s two against one.”

So Florentino started walking to where the old man pointed him to. He goes straight, he goes left, and he goes right towards an outpost of Duvencrune, it’s Morning Fog Post.

Florentino Ibarra at Morning Fog Post

Morning Fog Post

This is promising, Florentino thought, this place looks like a Necropolis…

“Halt!” one of the guards said, “What made you go to Morning Fog Post?”

“Morning Fog… wait, this is not Sherekhan Necropolis…?”

“No, how did you get passed the Blood Wolves?”

“Blood-what-now?” Florentino’s eyes are wide open. “Um… is your commander here? I’m lost…”

“Yes,” the guard nodded, “Commander Pataro is just up the stairs.”

“Thank you!” Florentino sighs, “Finally I’m in the presence of sane individuals.”

Florentino went upstairs and saw a Giant giving a Shai some papers.

Ah! Florentino thought, That Shai must be the commander.

“Commander?” Florentino said calmly and with confidence. “I am Florentino Ibarra of the Ibarra Family from Calpheon.”

“Hello there,” said the Shai as she returns the papers to the Giant, “My name is Pataro, commander of Morning Fog Post, how may I help you?”

“Frankly… I’m lost… I’m trying to get to Sherekhan Necropolis.”

“Well, you’re almost there, Mr. Ibarra,” Commander Pataro said with a smile, “Sherekhan Necropolis is just right after that path called Windy Peak. Do you see that large shrine? That’s the peak of Sherekhan Necropolis, the view there is beautiful.”

“Finally! Thank you! Sensible directions!”

“I beg your pardon?”

“I’m sorry, for my outburst,” Florentino said sincerely, “It’s just that I have two people telling me wrong directions and made me walk for miles.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. Some people here just don’t know how to say ‘no, I don’t know,’ so please bear that in mind.”

“Noted, thank you very much for the help, Commander.”

A Frowning Florentino Ibarra and a Troubled Adventurer

Wrong Map

Florentino returned to the travelers after going to Sherekhan Necropolis. Those travelers are still at the same spot for the whole day.

“Hey, you!” Florentino shouted, the adventurer saw him and is now getting nervous. “The old man gave me false directions, and you told me that his directions are correct!”

The adventurer just smiled as he scratched his head.

“I’m sorry,” the adventurer finally said, “I don’t actually know this place and I’m not good at reading maps.”

“Give me that!” Florentino took the map from the adventurer and reads it, “You’re looking at the other side of the map!”

“What?” the adventurer is shocked, “so that’s why the names are written in reverse!”

“Seriously?” the Giant and the Shai said in unison. “We were lost?”

“Err… yes…?” the adventurer said, “but not anymore!”

“You know if you’ve listened to what I was trying to tell you all day then we would’ve been at Duvencrune earlier this morning!” the Giant exclaimed, “I’m trying to tell you that Duvencrune is right around the corner! But no, you have to point out that I’ve gained weight!”

“No one was saying that you’ve gained weight!” the mercenary shouted, “Betsy is an old horse!”

“And I’m just gonna leave you guys here and I’ll be on my way…” Florentino said as he turns around and heads straight towards Duvencrune.

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