Drieghan’s Borders Opening

Florentino and Rulupee Discussing an Expedition to Drieghan

By Velia

One early morning, Florentino is strolling by the Wharf at Velia when there are a couple of merchants talking out loud.

“Have you heard?” said one of the merchants, “Drieghan’s borders are now open. We might make a fortune when we trade with them.”

“The Land of Dragons?” The other merchant said. “I don’t know…”

“I heard the women there are one of a kind like-“

“I’m in.”

“-Well… that was… fast.”

“Don’t judge me…”

Florentino overheard their conversation and went to the stables without a moment to lose.

“You look cheery today, Florentino,” Lorenzo Murray said, “Where are you going in such a hurry?”

Florentino just smiled at Lorenzo Murray as he gets up to his horse.

Moments later, Florentino made the horse sprint, leaving a trail of dust.

“Wherever you’re going, you be careful!”

A Coincidence

Along the road of Primal Giant Post to the edge of Serendia Territory connecting to Drieghan, there are some carriages already entering Drieghan Territory. All of a sudden, someone shouted Florentino’s name.

“Florentino! Hey!” The voice is that of a female child.

Florentino looks around and finally saw Rulupee by the barrels at the waiting post.

Florentino got off of his horse and made his way to Rulupee.

“Rulupee? What are you doing here?”

“Ah! Florentino! I didn’t expect to run into you here either… It must be fate!”

“Perhaps, that’s a nice outfit you’re wearing.”

“Thanks! How do I look? Does this suit me, hehe?” Rulupee’s eyes sparkle with joy. “Thanks to you, I’ve joined the Old Moon Guild and I am actually heading to Duvencrune with the Xian Merchant Guild now. I wonder what Drieghan is like? I am so excited to go on another adventure!”

“Well, I don’t know about that… I just helped you with a few things, you’re the one who got yourself in the Old Moon Guild. What assignment did they give you?”

“I’ve been given a task to find scenic spots in Drieghan to make famous. Don’t you think you would know better than me where the nice spots are though?”

“I don’t know about that… It’s my first time entering the territory…”

“Don’t worry about it! Here, I made some flags. If you find a good spot plant a flag and call me over, and I will come right away! Let’s do this together and share the rewards!”


“Ah, just take it. I’ll make sure you get your share!”

Florentino and Sylvia by the Edge of Serendia's Borders

Out of Breath

Well… here goes nothing. Florentino thought to himself.

“Hey! Florentino!” A voice said.

Florentino looked around and saw Sylvia flying down from above.

“Sylvia? What are you doing here?”

“Master Crisostomo ordered me to find you,” Sylvia said while panting. “He has a favor to ask of you. I can’t believe how fast you got here.”

“Alright, what does cousin Crisostomo wants?”

“He… he…” Sylvia is still panting. “Please, give me a moment. You… know how hard it is… to fly as fast as I can to get to you? With this tiny body and wings?!”

“I understand, why don’t you rest by my shoulders for a while?”

“Gladly, jerk.”

A Request Worth the Trouble

Sylvia finally catches her breath and starts explaining.

“Master Crisostomo understands that you’re going to Drieghan… without telling him or anyone from the Family.”

Oh no… Florentino thought. I’m in trouble, am I?

“And that’s why,” Sylvia continued, “He asks you to continue to Drieghan and help the Old Moon Guild with their tourism project.”

“Wait, what? I’m not in trouble?”

“Oh, no.” Sylvia said sarcastically, “Granted that you’re only going to Drieghan just to woo some women anyways, and the fact that you didn’t inform the Family about what you’re going to do, yes, you’re not in trouble.”

“Oh, thank goodness for-“

“I’m being sarcastic, you oaf!” Sylvia shouted, hurting Florentino’s ears in the process. “Your punishment is that you’re going to help the Old Moon Guild with their tourism project, and in turn for helping the Old Moon Guild, Master Crisostomo might just turn a blind eye on you always gallivanting with different people and going to those late-night extravaganzas.”

“That’s a little… harsh… I’m not like cousins Montgomery or cousin Simoun…”

“Reality is often disappointing. Maybe next time, you will bring me along with those as well, and I might forgive you.”

“Well, are you coming with me at least?”

“Even if I want to join you with your adventures, I’m required elsewhere.”

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