Crisostomo Ibarra at the Ready

Crisostomo Ibarra Weapons Ready

A game of Kalk with Crisostomo Ibarra

“And I win again!” exclaimed Crisostomo Ibarra as he shows the cards in his hand.

“No!” the Gambler on the other side of the table crying, “why am I always losing!”

The two are playing a local card game in Velia called “Kalk”* by the marketplace near the wharf. Almost everyone at the marketplace is focused on the two for a couple of hours now. Seeing Crisostomo win again sparks joy for the people who bet on him while some are disappointed. One person, in particular, is the most disappointed of them all, the Gambler that Crisostomo is playing with.

“That’s it!” the Gambler stands up and points at Crisostomo, “You’re cheating! You must be!”

Crisostomo was unfazed. “Why would I cheat? It’s just your bad luck, friend.”

“Yeah!” Someone in the crowd said. “He’s a noble, why would he risk his honor in gambling?”

“Why would a noble be gambling in the first place?” Another one from the crowd said. “You Calpheon Nobles are, all the same, deceiving the masses!”

“I’m terribly sorry but I assure you that my family would never do such a thing. I’m only gambling to pass the time. Oh, and these winnings will be put to charity, for the refugee camps.”

Crisostomo then stands up as he put his winnings at the small chest.

“Ibarra!” the Gambler unsheathes his sword. “I want my money back! You Calpheon Nobles can just rot for all I care!”

Crisostomo sighed. “Must we fight? I mean look at the time. I have so much to do.”

Crisostomo attached the small chest at his horse and lifts his greatsword.


Author’s notes:

Yeah, I searched everywhere regarding the card game, can’t find any info. I assumed that it is similar to poker? (Don’t quote me on that).

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