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Hostinger is my recommended choice for a reliable and cheap web hosting provider for your website in the Philippines for as low as P49.00/month (for the Single Web Hosting 4-year plan).


If you’re starting on web development and wanted to make your very own website, you’ll need a web hosting provider… unless you’ll just self-host it if you’re knowledgeable and have the resources to do it. But for the common folk such as myself who is by far part of the below-average when it comes to being tech-savvy and didn’t have that kind of money and resources, I’d move away from self-hosting.

During my time in college, I was fascinated with our web development subject that I want to apply what I learned. Of course, I would just settle in hosting the website locally just to test out web development but where’s the fun in that? So I searched for a web hosting provider. Me, being still in college at the time, is straight out being broke all the time and my student allowance would be problematic to fund my personal project. Luckily, a friend recommended to me Hostinger, and boy oh boy it is a student allowance friendly web hosting provider.

This leads us to this, by far, when it comes to cheap and reliable web hosting, Hostinger is the best option available. Their prices ranging from as low as P49.00/month for four years (P79.00/month for four years upon renewal) for their Single Web Hosting Plan up to P3,369.00/month for four years (P4,089.00/month for four years) for their Cloud Global Plan. But we’re not gonna be looking at their more expensive options. We’re here to save some money to get what we want.


Hostinger International, Ltd is a web hosting provider and internet domain registrar with over 29 million users in 178 countries. Their data centres are located in 7 locations around the world: Brazil, The Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Hostinger have a number of hosting plans:

  • Shared Web Hosting – For small to medium websites
  • Cloud Hosting – For large scale projects
  • WordPress Hosting – Optimized solutions for WordPress hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting – Dedicated resources to scale
  • Minecraft Hosting – Minecraft server for your friends
  • CyberPanel VPS Hosting – Control Panel with Open/LiteSpeed Webserver

In this post, we’ll only discuss the Shared Web Hosting plan, which I recommend if you’re starting out in web development and want to have a cheap and reliable web hosting.


Hostinger Cheap Web Hosting Plans
Hostinger Single Web Hosting Plan
Hostinger Premium Web Hosting Plan
Hostinger Business Web Hosting Plan

As shown in the picture above, Hostinger has 3 web hosting plans: Single Web Hosting, Premium Web Hosting, and Business Web Hosting. I’d recommend picking the Business Web Hosting if you’re going to set up an online shop using something like WooCommerce.

Hostinger’s hosting plan goes as low as P49.00/month if you choose the 4-year plan and P335.00/month if you’ll opt-in for a monthly plan. I’d suggest that you would commit to Hostinger for a long amount of time to get the best out of Hostinger but at a low price.

When I first started out, I personally choose the Premium Web Hosting plan because I want to have multiple websites for testing purposes. With the Premium Web Hosting plan, you’ll get a free 1-year domain registration.

Hostinger Business Startup Cloud Hosting Plan

Now that I graduated and have a job, I upgraded to the Business Startup Cloud Hosting plan for work to host my work’s website.

The Single Web Hosting plan in itself is more than enough for you to start out with and it’s already packed with the basic features and at an affordable price as well.

You can check their website to compare the web hosting plans and the features each plan have in full detail.

What’s better is that they also have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can just test it out for a few days and cancel it right after… though with a few limitations. The details are available at Hostinger’s Refund Policy.

Customer Support

Hostinger Live Chat

For the majority, one of the utmost importance after the pricing is customer support. I confess, there is no phone support on Hostinger but they do have 24/7 live chat support. By far, they have great customer support representatives. Manned by professionals, well mannered, knowledgeable, and kind people.

Their customer support team is always there to help me out since I first signed up to Hostinger back in college and even up to now when I have a job and handling my work’s website.

Hostinger Ticket System

But I must add that they don’t offer live chat if you don’t have an account, though you can still contact them via their ticket system and you bet you’ll get the same professional treatment as you’ll get when you’ve signed up.

User Interface

Hostinger hPanel User Interface

The hPanel, Hostinger’s proprietary control panel has everything a beginner needs in a simple user interface. Though it lacks some of the advanced features that you would find in a cPanel, even so, the hPanel’s simplicity is more than enough to start out with.


Do I recommend Hostinger? Short answer is yes.

It is a great web hosting provider that is reliable, cheap, great customer service, and beginner-friendly. If you’re just starting out on web development and want to have a cheap and at the same time reliable web hosting provider, I’d definitely recommend Hostinger.

You can visit Hostinger’s website by clicking the button below… or you can scroll up and click on some of the hyperlinks… maybe even just search it on your preferred search engine but who has the time for that if you can just click a button?

Note: Hostinger didn’t pay me to write this nor are they aware of this post. I simply believe in this web hosting provider and that I personally paid for it and use it for my own websites. Everything I said here is my honest opinion.

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