A Dim Tree Spirit Roaming

Dim Tree Spirit

A Dim Tree Spirit is a magical creature created to purify Black Crystal. There’s nothing written regarding its origin and nobody, who is alive, knows. It is hostile toward unnatural beings (including Humans) and doesn’t allow their entry to the forest. [src]

By North Kaia Mountaintop

Florentino arriving at the foot of North Kaia Mountaintop

The entire city of Calpheon can be seen from the top of North Kaia Mountaintop. It is connected with the Southwestern Calpheon mountain range, but no one wants to go near due to rumors of a dragon in the area.

Florentino is requested to investigate North Kaia Mountaintop regarding a rumor that a Dim Tree Spirit is sighted along the vicinity. The Kalis Parliament didn’t want to simply send in soldiers to the vicinity because it would spark fear to the people.

And here I thought I can finally rest. I should be at Heidel at this point. There’s not much I can do, actually. Let’s get this over with, the sooner I get this done, the faster I’m on my way to the Golden Toad Inn.

Florentino then looks around. There are not many people walking by the area.

Good, no one will be in danger.

Florentino Ibarra Trekking along North Kaia Mountaintop

“Now isn’t this breathtaking?” Florentino said as he walks along the trail.

The birds and other wildlife are all lively. The wind makes the trees sway back and forth. Everything is calm.

There’s nothing to report here.

Trouble Ahead

Florentino Ibarra crouching at North Kaia Mountaintop

Suddenly the surrounding wildlife becomes restless and tries to run away from the area. The wind soon dies out. Silent soon follows. This makes Florentino crouch and readies his crossbow.

I don’t like the look of this.

He then proceeds to move while crouching with his crossbow armed and ready.

In the distance, Florentino can hear loud stomping. It’s loud but slow, like an elephant. With each stomp, the ground shakes and one can hear the leaves rustling.

Treants? In this area? That’s impossible.

Florentino knows that the treants are not to be taken lightly. Even with Calpheon’s trained ogres, they still have a hard time dealing with them at Treant Forest. Indeed, Florentino needs to tread lightly.

Dim Tree Spirit Spotted

Florentino Ibarra Observing the Dim Tree Spirit While Hiding

As Florentino gets nearer and nearer to the source of the stomping, it gets louder and louder. Florentino knows he’s on the right track.

The wind starts blowing again but it only makes the surrounding area looks eerie. It’s not helping Florentino to calm down as he goes near something so dangerous.

Moments later, Florentino sees a large moving tree just like a treant. At last, Florentino finds the reported Dim Tree Spirit. It looks like a treant but deadlier.

Florentino tries to go near the monster.

Why is something like that doing here? I can’t possibly face this alone. I need some backup for this one.

The Dim Tree Spirit hasn’t spotted Florentino… yet… it’s just roaming around.

But until when? It’s roaming now and harmless, but what if other people saw it?

Dark Rift

The Dark Rift

As Florentino continues to observe the Dim Tree Spirit, he saw something floating above it. It’s like a dark portal with crimson red like flames.

What is that thing? Did someone open that portal? Did the Dim Tree Spirit come from that… thing?

It seems like it draws its power from that dark portal.

This is getting too dangerous. I need to get out of here and report-

Face to Face with the Dim Tree Spirit

Florentino Ibarra goes face to face with a Dim Tree Spirit

The Dim Tree Spirit suddenly roars loudly. This caught Florentino off guard, He now tries to walk away while crouching and looking at the monster. it is getting restless, it knows that something has entered its territory.

I need to get out of here.

Suddenly, Florentino steps on a small branch.

For the love of… Damn cliché!

It turns around and looks at Florentino. Its large blue glowing eyes staring directly at him.

There is no point in hiding now. Florentino gets up and readies his crossbow, his right hand now emitting a cloud of white smoke.

“I guess I’ll just have to face you on my own,” He sighs, “Shall we?”

The Dim Tree Spirit growls and sways its body, it’s as if it understands what Florentino just said.

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