By the Waypoint

Florentino Ibarra and a caravan of merchants at Lemoria Guard Post Waypoint.

Kamasylvia Vicinity Waypoint

Florentino is traveling to Kamasylvia with a caravan of merchants and was assigned at the rearguard to watch their backs as they make their way to the waypoint. It was quiet, no attacks from the nearby inhabitants. He slowly dozes off because of the calm wind making the trees rustle and sways back and forth, and the birds singing by the trees. He knows that Lemoria Guard Post is up ahead, no need to be on high alert.

The horse Florentino is riding knew that its rider is slowly losing consciousness and tries to keep him awake.

All is well and good until they were ordered to stop. So much for peace and quiet.

Florentino did the same, the sudden change in the situation helped him regain his composure and is wide awake. He looks ahead and saw that they’re already at Lemoria Guard Post.

“What’s going on?” Florentino asked one of the merchants from Calpheon.

“A checkpoint.” The merchant said in disapproval. “Seems like they’re not letting us pass unless they inspect our carriages.”

“Then let them, what’s with the sudden stubbornness?”

The merchant only shrugged.

Florentino gets off his horse and makes his way to the front of the caravan. The leader of the caravan is a demibeast wearing blue regal clothes for merchants, in his right is his assistant, another demibeast.


“What’s the holdup?” Florentino inquired.

“Ah!” the head merchant exclaimed when he saw Florentino, “you’re an elf. Please, tell this… captain… that we need to be on our way to Grana.

“I’m sorry?”

“Greetings, outsider,” the captain said, “everyone is required to undergo inspection.”

“Fine by me,” Florentino said, “I’m just an escort-“

“What?! Well, you’re no help at all.”

“I’m sorry sir but I’m not really in a position to-“

“Nevermind you. I’ll handle this myself.”

The head merchant resumes arguing with the captain. Florentino climbed up the nearby carriage and sat there.

The head merchant gives in and lets the elves inspect the carriages eventually. Turns out they are trying to smuggle goods that are illegal to the Kamasylvia territory.

Author’s Note:

Greetings, I am Montgomery Ibarra and welcome to this mini-series I’m working on as a hobby. I love writing and I love playing Black Desert Online.

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