Blood Wolves

Duvencrune Mercenary Office

It’s midnight in Duvencrune.

Florentino is with a couple of mercenaries summoned for an emergency meeting.

“Alright, people, we need to be fast.” Said the commander of the mercenary group as she lays down the map, “we’re needed at Nigh Crow Hill.”

“When are we moving out?” Said the large mercenary by the shadows. “Honestly, ma’am, most of my men just got here and haven’t really fully rested…”

“We only need those who are ready to move out on short notice, all able-bodied men are to move out while the rest are to be stationed here at Duvencrune to avoid an attack in our rear.”

“Understood, ma’am.”

“Florentino,” the commander turns to Florentino, “I want you to meet with Deputy Commander Medro in the front lines, he’ll give you further orders.”

“Understood, commander. But, where are you guys going to be deployed?”

“We’ll be under the command of Commander Myra for this one,” the commander said reluctantly. “any further questions?”

“Yes,” Florentino said while smiling, “Do you have an issue with Commander Myra? Oh, and can I buy you dinner after this?”

“Is it relevant for the mission?” the commander said while looking annoyed.


“Then I have no reason to answer… dismissed!”

The Front Lines

Florentino Ibarra at the Front Lines of Night Crow Hill

The following morning, at the front lines of Night Crow Hill, the battle already began at dawn.

The outpost is currently under attack by the Kagtum – Blood Wolves that received the Breath of the Dragon.

“Hold the line!” Deputy Commander Medro shouted, “If we fall, then Duvencrune will be overrun by these… monsters!”

“Deputy Commander!” Florentino exclaimed then salutes. “Florentino Ibarra, at your service.”

“Ah, glad you could make it,” Deputy Commander Medro salutes, “Where are the others?”

“They’re currently with Commander Myra, I’m assigned to be at your disposal.”

“Good,” Deputy Commander then points at the ongoing battle in front of them, “Help our men clear this area first!”

“Sir!” Florentino salutes. He then storms to the fray with his ra’ghon emitting the blade of light and his crossbow fully loaded.

Blood Wolves and Kagtums Combined Assault

Florentino Fighting the Kagtum and Blood Wolves. Florentino Ibarra Dodging an Attack

The continues throughout the day and the Kagtum’s assault seems never-ending.

“It’s really an endless succession.” Deputy Commander Medro said under breath. “When will this battle end?”

“Sir!” A soldier shouted as he salutes Deputy Commander Medro, “Commander Myra sent another battalion, a portion will be attached to our unit.”

“Well, that’s a relief. We needed the numbers.”

Deputy Commander Medro now looks at Florentino.

“Florentino! Push our line forward!”

Florentino looks at Deputy Commander Medro and nods.

Brothers in Arms

Florentino Ibarra Fighting Alongside a Drieghan Soldier

How can we push forward? Florentino thought to himself.

Every time one Kagtum dies, another one takes its place, followed with a pack of Blood Wolves.

Luckily, reinforcements arrive just in time.

Florentino is busy with two of the Kagtums. He stabs one of the Kagtums from the chest using the ra’ghon’s blade of light.

Florentino then aims at the other Kagtum with his crossbow and fires, the Kagtum slides to the ground then dies.

He then lay down on his knees in exhaustion.

There are… too many…

He breathes deeply.

“Florentino, look out!” someone shouted.

Florentino then returns to his senses and quickly slashes in a 180-degree spin, slashing the incoming Kagtum, stunning it in the process.

A Drieghan soldier then appears and stabs the stunned Kagtum with a spear.

“Damn these Blood Wolves. Are you alright?” said the soldier as he helps Florentino get up.

“I’m fine, thank you… wait! You’re the adventurer with the map that gave me the wrong directions!”

“Yeah, sorry about that. I’m not really good with maps.”

“Well, that’s understandable, but what’s with the Drieghan soldier’s uniform?”

“Oh, I just snooped this from the armory. And just like that, I’m here now and ready to fight.”

“Just like that?”

“Just like that…”


Florentino Ibarra successfully made the Kagtums and Blood Wolves fall back. Florentino and the Drieghan Soldiers At the Ready

“Alright…” Florentino said while nodding, “Let’s get a move on.”

Florentino then looks around, the Drieghan soldiers have just finished off the remaining Kagtums near their positions.

The Kagtums are now falling back.

“We’ve got this, boys! Everyone, on me!”

“Hey, Florentino,” the Adventurer said, “how about we go get a drink-“

“Don’t talk like that, it’s a bad omen… from where I came from.”


“Everyone!” Florentino addresses the soldiers, “Let’s put these dogs to submission!”

“They’re wolves…” the Adventurer whispers at Florentino.

“It’s a figure of speech… you know what? Never mind.”

Florentino then looks behind him and saw the Drieghan soldiers ever so ready.


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