Trouble by the Old Wisdom Tree

Florentino Ibarra and an Ahib Griffon in Battle at Navarn Steppe just a few miles near the Old Wisdom Tree

The Road to the Old Wisdom Tree

It is just half-past noon when Florentino Ibarra is getting near the Old Wisdom Tree. Along the way, he saw many Kamasylvia Weasels running away. They are very gentle and friendly creatures unless attacked, but this, however, it states that there’s a larger predator in the area.

Florentino arrived at the Old Wisdom Tree, but everyone there is packing their belongings, preparing to evacuate. The Lemoria Guards from the nearby posts are mobilized. An attack was imminent.

“What’s going on?” Florentino asked one of the Lemoria Guard Soldier.

Ahib Griffon!” the Lemoria Guard Soldier said, “everyone who doesn’t have a fighting chance must evacuate!”


Florentino looked around in spite of the confusion in the area, looking around for a familiar face.

And there she is, a familiar face, the Lemoria Guard Captain Narchillan by the path leading to Navarn Steppe. She is briefing the Lemoria Guards of what they’re about to face.

Florentino approached her as she was about to finish her briefing.

“Captain Narchillan!” Florentino saluted her. “Florentino Ibarra of the Ibarra Family from Calpheon, at your service.”

“Ah! Florentino,” Narchillan saluted as well, “your timing is impeccable. We need your assistance with this one.”

Florentino nodded. “Leave it to me.”

To Navarn Steppe

Florentino set forth to Navarn Steppe to face the Ahib Griffon. He told Narchillan and the rest of the Lemoria Guards to stay put and defend the Old Wisdom Tree unless something went wrong.

There it stood, larger and has an ominous appearance compared to that of other Griffons. It’s black and white, tiger’s stripe patterned fur and feathers, together with its large talons and wings, it is a sight to behold and to be feared. As it stood proudly, it is majestic as it is deadly.

Florentino approached the beast quietly as it continues to eat its newly acquired prey, a Belladonna Elephant.

Suddenly, Florentino stepped into a small branch, it made a small sound, but the Ahib Griffon heard it loudly. it stopped preying on the Belladonna Elephant and turned to where the sound is.

There it saw Florentino, its eyes focused on him and it glowed crimson red. It spans its wings outward, a warning sign that it’s about to attack.

Florentino took this chance to ready his crossbow and aimed at the beast.

The two are locked at each other’s sights.

The open fields of the Navarn Steppes are disadvantageous for Florentino, nowhere to hide. He cannot use the nearby forests as cover because the Ahib Griffon might attack the nearby inhabitants and the Lemoria Guards stationed at the Old Wisdom Tree. No, I have to fight it right here, I cannot risk it attacking the helpless.

First Shot

Florentino strikes first using his crossbow. The bolt went flying straight at the Ahib Griffon’s left eye, but it was blocked by its wings.

The Ahib Griffon roared, it’s fierce sound can be heard from miles away.

It charged at Florentino, making him slide to his left while firing again using his crossbow. The bolts hit dead center at the beast’s right side. However, it is not enough. It stopped right in its track and turned at Florentino, it raises its wings and flapped it in front of it to make a cyclone.

The cyclone hits Florentino and sends him upward to the air, the Ahib Griffon flew soon after towards Florentino and hits him with its talons. Florentino cried in pain. He is now freefalling to the ground.

Florentino brought out his greatbow and aimed below him. The power of light manifested in the arrow. He lets go of the arrow when he’s about to hit the ground. The force from the arrow manifested by light was enough to counter the gravitational pull for a moment, with that, he landed on the ground safely.

The Ahib Griffon is hovering above him.

It dashed downwards to Florentino and hits the ground. Debris starts flying on impact. Florentino barely made it out alive but the Ahib Griffon’s onslaught has just begun. It charged towards Florentino.

Florentino Ibarra's Desperate Attack against the Ahib Griffon's Onslaught

The Onslaught Continues

The Ahib Griffon’s onslaught continues, forcing Florentino to dodge and run frequently. He sends arrows flying towards the Ahib Griffon in the process.

The beast charged at Florentino again, he looked behind him and saw this, he stopped in his tracks and puts away his greatbow, waiting for the Ahib Griffon.

Just before the Ahib Griffon is about to hit Florentino, he slides beneath the beast and used his crossbow to hit its belly.

The Ahib Griffon slides crashed and wailed.

They both are out of breath and desperate to survive. Both of them knew only one of them can survive.

The Ahib Griffon raised its head, it looks like it’s inhaling and Florentino knew what he must do.

Florentino stands up and brought out his greatbow and starts channeling the power of light to the arrow.

The Ahib Griffon then roared as loud as it can, making the wind blow harder as it roars.

Florentino knows this is his last chance. He ran towards the Ahib Griffon and jumped and aimed the arrow at the beast. He lets go of the arrow, the power of light around it made a trail that looks like lightning.

The arrow hits the Ahib Griffon at its mouth and the power of light surged inside it. It then crashed headfirst to the ground, now motionless.

Florentino Ibarra and a Dead Ahib Griffon after a Fierce Battle

The Great Beast Rests and the Old Wisdom Tree is safe

Florentino approached the now dead Ahib Griffon and kneels.

Rest now, you deserve it… we deserve it.

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Crisostomo Ibarra at the Ready

Crisostomo Ibarra Weapons Ready

A game of Kalk with Crisostomo Ibarra

“And I win again!” exclaimed Crisostomo Ibarra as he shows the cards in his hand.

“No!” the Gambler on the other side of the table crying, “why am I always losing!”

The two are playing a local card game in Velia called “Kalk”* by the marketplace near the wharf. Almost everyone at the marketplace is focused on the two for a couple of hours now. Seeing Crisostomo win again sparks joy for the people who bet on him while some are disappointed. One person, in particular, is the most disappointed of them all, the Gambler that Crisostomo is playing with.

“That’s it!” the Gambler stands up and points at Crisostomo, “You’re cheating! You must be!”

Crisostomo was unfazed. “Why would I cheat? It’s just your bad luck, friend.”

“Yeah!” Someone in the crowd said. “He’s a noble, why would he risk his honor in gambling?”

“Why would a noble be gambling in the first place?” Another one from the crowd said. “You Calpheon Nobles are, all the same, deceiving the masses!”

“I’m terribly sorry but I assure you that my family would never do such a thing. I’m only gambling to pass the time. Oh, and these winnings will be put to charity, for the refugee camps.”

Crisostomo then stands up as he put his winnings at the small chest.

“Ibarra!” the Gambler unsheathes his sword. “I want my money back! You Calpheon Nobles can just rot for all I care!”

Crisostomo sighed. “Must we fight? I mean look at the time. I have so much to do.”

Crisostomo attached the small chest at his horse and lifts his greatsword.


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By the Waypoint

Florentino Ibarra and a caravan of merchants at Lemoria Guard Post Waypoint.

Kamasylvia Vicinity Waypoint

Florentino is traveling to Kamasylvia with a caravan of merchants and was assigned at the rearguard to watch their backs as they make their way to the waypoint. It was quiet, no attacks from the nearby inhabitants. He slowly dozes off because of the calm wind making the trees rustle and sways back and forth, and the birds singing by the trees. He knows that Lemoria Guard Post is up ahead, no need to be on high alert.

The horse Florentino is riding knew that its rider is slowly losing consciousness and tries to keep him awake.

All is well and good until they were ordered to stop. So much for peace and quiet.

Florentino did the same, the sudden change in the situation helped him regain his composure and is wide awake. He looks ahead and saw that they’re already at Lemoria Guard Post.

“What’s going on?” Florentino asked one of the merchants from Calpheon.

“A checkpoint.” The merchant said in disapproval. “Seems like they’re not letting us pass unless they inspect our carriages.”

“Then let them, what’s with the sudden stubbornness?”

The merchant only shrugged.

Florentino gets off his horse and makes his way to the front of the caravan. The leader of the caravan is a demibeast wearing blue regal clothes for merchants, in his right is his assistant, another demibeast.


“What’s the holdup?” Florentino inquired.

“Ah!” the head merchant exclaimed when he saw Florentino, “you’re an elf. Please, tell this… captain… that we need to be on our way to Grana.

“I’m sorry?”

“Greetings, outsider,” the captain said, “everyone is required to undergo inspection.”

“Fine by me,” Florentino said, “I’m just an escort-“

“What?! Well, you’re no help at all.”

“I’m sorry sir but I’m not really in a position to-“

“Nevermind you. I’ll handle this myself.”

The head merchant resumes arguing with the captain. Florentino climbed up the nearby carriage and sat there.

The head merchant gives in and lets the elves inspect the carriages eventually. Turns out they are trying to smuggle goods that are illegal to the Kamasylvia territory.

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Olvian Sunset

Olvian Sunset

Olvian Sunset

I couldn’t imagine myself living in a world without something like this, the Olvian Sunset.

I’ve traveled to many places but nothing can compare to something like this.

Olvia, sweet Olvia, this town so peaceful and the people so kind-hearted and cheerful.

Of course, I can’t possibly turn my back to the place of my birth, Calpheon, but this… this is something else.

Olvia will always have a special place in my heart.

As I climb one of the houses at Olvia to sit by the roof, the people beneath are all going home to finally rest after a hard day of work.

I kneel by the roof and look around Olvia to see such cheerful people, all kind to each other.

The cool breeze of the sea touches my cheeks.

I breathe in that cool breeze and it’s as if my entire body and soul is being rejuvenated.

I gaze into the sunset, indeed, it’s such a breathtaking sight to behold.

It’s like forgotten magic hiding in plain sight, we cannot begin to understand how something like this can exist.

Even the great philosophers of old couldn’t even fathom the very essence of something this beautiful.

What more can a common man be able to fathom such questions?

Indeed, the sunset in Olvia is like no other.

Florentino Ibarra

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