A Quiet Time at Olvia Coast

Olvia Coast

After my journey from Drieghan, I’m finally back at Olvia Coast.

The quiet lifestyle and the beautiful scenery here are really just like no other.

Maybe when I’m going to settle down, I’ll pick Olvia for my retirement home after my adventures.

That is IF I’m going to retire after my adventures.

Am I really going to retire? I don’t think so.

Here, finally, by Olvia Coast, the cool breeze of the sea touches my skin.

Oh, how I missed the smell of the sea… and… pigs? Why am I smelling pigs? And I’m hearing pigs as well?

Florentino looks behind him and saw two pigs approaching.

Pigs… by Olvia Coast…

Seconds later, the town butcher arrives and grabs the pigs. “Gotcha!” he exclaimed.

“Oh, Florentino,” the butcher waves at Florentino, “I didn’t know you’re back.”

“I just got back, actually… just looking at the view.”

“Oh, that’s a fine view alright, well then, don’t mind me, I’ll just get these two back at my shop and prepare for work.”

After that, Florentino turns around and mesmerizes the view.

Where was I? Oh, right, Olvia Coast… such a wonderful sight to behold.

“Come on!” the butcher shouts because the pigs refuse to move, “there are customers waiting!”

Olvia… coast…


Therefore, Olvia…

“For the love of all things divine!” the butcher shouts again because the pigs still won’t cooperate.

Florentino gave up and just looks down as he sighs. He’s getting annoyed because of the noise.

One of the pigs, however, got loose and charges at Florentino.

“Florentino! Look out!”

Florentino didn’t get a chance to react, the pig just charges at him and pushed him off the edge and fell hard.


He then sighs and looks at the sky while lying on his back.

That’ll do, pig… that’ll do…

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