A Proposition

Florentino Ibarra and some Olvian Brewers Offering them a Proposition

A Proposition

One sunny morning, Florentino is strolling along the streets of Olvia when he smells a strange scent in the air. Upon surveying around, he pinpoints that the smell was coming from the barrels near Olvia’s Trade Warehouse.

Florentino headed to the Trade Warehouse when he saw three people talking by the large barrel. By the looks of it, they’re one of the local brewers in Olvia.

“There…” said the tall brewer, “I perfected the flavor this time. It was well worth making a new barrel with such rare wood!”

“What did you make it with? Oak?” said the brewer near the large barrel, “That’s a weird name for a tree.”

“Whatever it is, it tastes perfect.” said the demibeast brewer, “We might even be able to sell it to the aristocrats in Calpheon!”

Florentino heard their conversation and quickly made his way to the trio.

“Gentlemen!” Florentino shouted as he approached the trio, “I think I’ll be able to help you with that!”

“And who are you might be?” said the tall brewer.

“I am Florentino Ibarra of the Ibarra Family from Calpheon, at your service.”

“Ibarra?” said the brewer near the large barrel, “I haven’t heard of them.”

“Yeah,” said the demibeast, “who are they supposed to be?”

“Wait, you idiots!” said the tall brewer, “he’s from nobility!”

Such Fine Wine

The two were in shock.

“What’s with the rags if you’re from nobility?” said the brewer near the large barrel, “wouldn’t you Nobles supposed to be wearing fancy clothes?”

“I’d love to, but sadly those clothes aren’t meant for traveling.”

“Sir Ibarra-“

“Florentino, just call me Florentino, no need to be too formal with me. I didn’t go on an adventure just to be treated like nobility still.”

“Err, Florentino…” the tall brewer continued, “what help would you offer us?”

“I’ll tell you that later, in the meantime, might I take a sip of what you’ve made first?”

The three nodded and gave Florentino a tankard of their brew.

Florentino drank from the tankard and quickly looked up to the sky like he had a revelation. In a little while, Florentino is silent while gazing above, the three brewers are looking at each other, confused as to what is going on.

Florentino finally spoke, “Gentlemen… I have a proposition for you, this is what you’ll be doing.”

The three of them went near Florentino and listened carefully.

“Go to the Golden Toad Inn at Heidel,” Florentino continued, “and find Constante, tell him I sent you three and give him a sample of what you gave me. Tell him ‘for your top shelf.’ If all things go well, he’ll point you to the Xian Merchant Guild. A fine proposition, if you ask me.”

Florentino then returned the tankard after drinking the whole content and went on his way.

“Good luck, gentlemen!” he shouted as he walks away while waving his hand, “may fortune find you.”

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