A Bored Crisostomo

Crisostomo Ibarra

I’m Crisostomo Ibarra, the current head of the Family, and official Liaison to the Kalis Council, and I’m bored.

My days consists usually just official business, as a result, I have little time for myself. But today, I don’t know what happened. Usually, my desk would be piled up with paperwork and my schedule hectic.

I talked to Montgomery and asked what happened. Oh, Montgomery is my little brother. He’s a good kid and a great scribe, but he is not without flaws. He is an alcoholic. Sadly, he got that from me. He wouldn’t say this but he always wanted to be like me, even with my obsession with alcohol. We fight for time to time when we’re drunk but that’s because he has a terrible temper. Everyone in the Family has a bad temper, some are just good at suppressing it than others.

Where was I? Oh, right. he said I really didn’t have any work today. So, I give him a day off.

A bored Crisostomo watching a performance.

Out for a Stroll

I’ll be going out for a while,” I said to my little brother, “Please, call for me when there’s work.”

“Sure… but I’ll be leaving as well.”

“Where are you going?”

“Nothing… just… going for a little stroll…”

“Alright, I understand,” I said with a smile, “Say hello to Jenesse for me.”

“What? How did? When?” Montgomery is now flustering, “You know what? No, I’m just going to the library.”


I looked at my little brother’s face, I can tell that there’s something is bothering him.

“Is something wrong?”

“Yeah, um… are you sure you’ll be going out looking like that?”

“I don’t see anything wrong…”

“You don’t see… nevermind. Your wardrobe is none of my business.”

And we both went our separate ways.

I left the house and found myself in the Market District. The people here are always as festive as ever.

Now, this street performance is something. They’re doing their little act with the juggling and the acrobatics, they’re just talented. Maybe some of them are from the Kingdom of Haso?

Suddenly, they stopped their performance and just looked at me, I looked around and saw other people are also looking at me with a confused look.

Ah, I don’t know what’s happening.

“Hello, can I help you?” I declared, “Is there something in my face?”

They started laughing so I laugh as well. Yes, that’s what’s important, we’re having fun and laughing with the things we do, especially the little mistakes we did along the way. Though I don’t know what they’re laughing about…

And they’re back to the way things are earlier. The street performers continue with their performance and the crowd all cheered for them.

A Bored Crisostomo Wants to Fly too

There’s a strange noise coming from above. It’s as if someone’s screaming. I look up and see the newly invented Sky Balloon taking off.

Oh, I forgot, I’ve sent Florentino to participate with the opening ceremony of the Sky Balloon.

Look at them, Florentino and Sylvia look like they’re having a great time up there.

I wonder what it feels like to be up there in the clouds?

If only I went there myself instead. Well, I didn’t anticipate that I won’t have any work today so that’s that. I also want to have fun.

Ah, I remember that I have my armor get repaired at the workshop because the previous mission got my armor broken. I’m lucky to even survive the blows.

Well, there’s no point in whining about it now. I need to get my armor.

Crisostomo Ibarra Walking by the Bridge.

“Good morning sir Ib…” said the guard.

“Yes, guardsman?”

“Nothing sir…” the guard shrugs, “good morning, sir Ibarra.”

“Good morning to you too.”

Why is everyone acting weird around me lately? Did they eat something that made them act weirdly? I must investigate this further, I’ll have Jacinto look into this.

Crisostomo Ibarra with Kanobas at the Workshop.

The Armor of Goyen

Ah yes, the workshop, owned by the Encarotia. I’ve known Enrique from way back, yes, sometimes we would argue regarding what’s best but in the end, we respect one another.

“Kanobas, how’s my armor?”

“Greetings Ibarra,” Kanobas said as he waves the longsword he’s holding, “I’ve finished with your armor’s repairs, actually.”

As expected of Kanobas, I could always rely on him for repairs. A few moments later, I see one of his assistants approach us with a large crate.

The large crate before me, with its lid removed, contains my armor.

This armor symbolizes the Goyen Mercenary. Though I’m not part of the Goyen Mercenary per se, the Family is acquainted with the Goyen Mercenaries and made deals with them before they disappeared into the history books. I was trained by some of the remnants that kept in touch with the family when I was young. In some point in my life, I became a mercenary. Yes, I was once a mercenary before I took the mantle of Head of the Family after my father died.

“Um, Ibarra…” Kanobas scratches his head, “why are you wearing your helmet while wearing your silk noble clothes?”

“Oh, so that’s what my little brother meant… well, this bored Crisostomo is so bored that he wanted to mix things up a bit…”

I said that and it’s true that I’m bored, but because I’ve just realized that I’ve made a fool of myself and I’m just too dense to realize it sooner.

“Fair enough… Oh, and I’ve already received payment from your butler.”

“Ethan? Understood, he’s a capable fellow indeed. Well, I’ll be going now. Thank you again for your services.”

“No problem. Hey, don’t be a stranger!”

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